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The first thing that comes to mind when talking about cannabis/weed is getting high. However, that’s not the only result that everyone is looking for – especially, scientists.

It’s an obvious knowledge that cannabis has cannabinoids that are responsible for the effects that appear upon use. And the 2 mostly studied cannabinoids are THC and CBD. Out of them 2, it’s CBD that scientists are more inclined to when it comes to cancer research. Whilst THC induces the feeling of getting high, it is CBD that’s used to treat patients suffering from anxiety and rare forms of epilepsy.

That said, let’s talk about the debatable topic – whether or not cannabis has any connection with cancer at all?

You’d be surprised at how many studies have and are being done in order to determine if cannabis can be used for cancer cure. Though the results yet vary, there are certain factors that have already been established and they prove that cannabis can indeed help cancer patients in the following ways.

Cancer Side-effects that Cannabis can Help With

1. It Can Reduce Nausea

The first and immediate side-effect of chemo and radiation therapy in cancer patients is nausea. And cannabis can effectively reduce, if not entirely cure, nausea to a large extent.

2. It Can Help in Coping up with Pain

Cancer is one painful disease and CB2 receptors in cannabis can actually reduce that inflammation and pain. In fact, many clinical trials suggest that cannabis can reduce pain even when opioids fail to do so.

3. It Can Deal with Anxiety

Suddenly realizing that one has cancer is sure depressing as hell. It kicks in anxiety and fear that cannabis can actually control. It relaxes the nerves and can help patients undergoing cancer treatment.

4. It Helps in Weight Management

If you ever see cancer patients, you’ll realize that they lose their appetite upon treatment and lose a substantial amount of weight in no time. It makes their treatment even more troubling.

And, cannabis can increase appetite – that’s no secret. Which is why it can be effective for patients who lose appetite due to pain and nausea.

Now comes the big question, is cannabis an actual cure?

The results from clinical studies have, by far, not been able to say that cannabis can be a cure for certain, but the results look promising.

• In a clinical trial in 2016, researchers found that cannabis did help in inhibiting the growth and spread of certain kinds of tumor cells.

All in all, the final word is that Cannabis can help cancer patients when taken under medical supervision.