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Cannabis business now booms in mega fabulous retail stores

Cannabis lovers, you should be catching up with the latest news in the industry, now that the fever is catching on in several states as the presidential elections approach in America! Did they call it ‘killer stores’ and they have plenty of that connected with those many MNCs that have come to represent our 21st century commercial ethic. Well, marijuana profits beat them all in terms of profit per square foot and that is not a joke. Marijuana retailers might be bringing in $7000 per square foot as compared to the Apple under $5000. Regarding dispensaries with several products that contain ample THC bringing in $974 per square foot, while Whole Foods gets only $930.

The hide and seek of the past many years is visibly coming to a happy end as cannabis laws get into the limelight and the sunshine, saying goodbye to dark crevices and lonely niches. Mega cannabis businesses did exist, but they somehow felt vulnerable without Federal backing, like being on a knife-edge. Such fears are gradually weakening as mighty stores open up in fabulous, glittering malls.

Goodbye to the low profile strategy! Cannabis retailers are now set to follow in the footsteps of Starbucks and Whole Foods in terms of style and opulence, design and retail policy. That is great news for a generation of cannabis enthusiasts, many of them patients too, looking up in desperation like the epileptics and the pain sufferers.
Boutique is the keyword that gets us all guessing about the latest cannabis strains that came about through complex interbreeding across cultures and continents. Architects and interior designers are busy holding consultancies to design sleek, fun-filled retail centers to promote customer relations.

Good Chemistry had a problem with the 3,600 square foot store. Many would be cannabis users feel intimidated. The purpose being to show them around, they categorized the 15 cannabis strains under the four heads of relief and relaxation, sleep and amplify. Information on each is available in iPads to further understanding of chemicals, growth and effects. Good Chemistry has 60 strains growing in nurseries!

A little bit could be left to the imagination! Gentle lighting would help the minimal furniture in the futuristic scenario at Ajoya with a 3000 square foot floor. Everything like the counters appear rounded amidst a sea of white. Neuro-esthetic design and sensuous curved shapes intensify emotions as buyers proceed on the cannabis inspired journey. Customers sit around and order from the menu at the counter.