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Cannabis does not give rise to mood and anxiety problems, a new study reveals

That is what people considered the divine truth for generations, that smoking cannabis alters moods and creates anxiety, panic attacks, engenders violence and leads to hard drugs. All those beliefs may have been partly true under certain circumstances. Yet making cannabis legal and prescribing pot for a variety of diseases like epilepsy and pain relief only painted pot in bright colors. There is no looking back now with cannabis sales already reaching billions of dollars in America.
A nationwide survey of about 35,000 Americans of 18 years and older can hardly be wrong. The study reveals that cannabis usage does not worsen mood and anxiety problems. Does that mean that you can take cannabis without fear? Probably yes but the local laws still need to be considered. Eighteen states in USA have legalized medical pot and only four said yes to recreational weed. Other states would probably sing similar songs with the presidential elections looming this November. Campaigns are on to reap the medical benefits besides vast profits that could emerge from recreational and tourist incomes!

Since a negative side must always exist, the study reveals that the use of the weed carries the likelihood of abusing alcohol, cannabis and other drugs. The risk of dependence on these substances could arise and that is a factor to think carefully about. Abstinence seems to be the best policy in the first place. ‘Behavioral disinhibition’ is likely to occur that could lead to these other substances and the dependence.

The danger of alcohol addiction increases five times with cannabis intake. We can well imagine what would be the condition of those already into alcohol when they try weed. Nicotine could take the place of alcohol too. The second study of psychiatric conditions is directly related to clinical care. Everybody is nowadays excited about a range of physical and mental diseases that could be controlled by cannabis but some risks lie in the way.

A traditional belief also suggested that cannabis caused paranoia, feelings of fear. A new study believes that the British finding of paranoia in 2014 is untrue. The paranoia is believed to be caused by the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) present in marijuana. Another 2014 study established that cannabis caused increased depression and anxiety because the brain did not respond to dopamine that prompted the feel good factor. Lethargy was always ascribed to marijuana. Neuroscientists found that endocannabinoids were not produced under stress and so understanding and emotion are reduced. Anxiety lessens, and appetite and happiness increase.