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GW Pharmaceuticals has been in the Pharmacy field over a decade and developing drugs from marijuana extracts from a quite long time. It is making and selling legally approved drug wide across the world. Here is insight into the procedures carried away.


Know the Scientific Theory

Before getting into such type of business, one should know what science has to say about the plant. The marijuana strain comprises of hundreds of cannabinoids, which have excellent healing properties. GW Pharmaceuticals works with many research laboratories, so that it gets to know each and every compound. This helps in understanding and identifying the possible therapeutic applications. It also gives an ideal of therapeutic effects of certain cross breeds of cannabis plants.


Cultivating the Right Type of Marijuana

Like every other plant, cannabis has complex chemical structure; no 2 strains have same properties. Finding the perfect blend takes a quite long time. First of all, it is important to discover the breed, having right mix of cannabinoids so that it can serve the purpose of health treatment. For instance, Sativex, a sclerosis medicine should comprise of high levels of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). But, for a drug like Epidiolex, it requires low-THC and high CBD strain. GW Pharmaceuticals doesn’t believe in making genetic changes to create new breed, but try to cross different kind of strains to get the best outcome.

Yet another thing to be considered is that every bottle of pot should contain similar cocktail of cannabinoids. The right blend can help in finding the right breed for future development to prevent accidental breeding with other plants.

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Refining Extract

GW Pharmaceuticals focuses on specific combination of cannabinoids for each drug it creates. It makes use of single breeding procedure or combination of small cannabinoid. It develops strains with high levels of cannabinoids in the first place, and then it refines the extract by taking out unwanted products.



To get standard approval for any medicines, every product should undergo medical test. In order to pass the examination, company should produce a proof of evidence, demonstrating its effectiveness and safety. Usually, the first experiment will be done on animals and once it shows positive effects, it will be experimented with humans.

GW tests the drug on high scientific standards to get enough proof on meaningful effect.



In order to sell cannabis medicines, pharmacy should get green signal from government, and maintain official records of clinical trials for EMA or FDA to approve. And, the process of procuring seeds from the right resources like can also play a critical role.