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Cannabis Oil: Something You Should Know

Around the world, many states and districts are discussing about the possibility of legalizing cannabis oil. Quite naturally, the requests for studies and researches that talk about the properties of the oil, and of the plant itself, are increasing as citizens and politicians become more and more interested in understanding what cannabis does to our body and mind. This is, of course, great: after years of misconceptions and misinformation, there is finally a little room for some healthy knowledge.

At the moment there are more than a few studies that focus on cannabis oil. Unfortunately, however, this is not enough and the vast majority of scientists is still forced to work with limited funding – because cannabis, while governments and “experts” spend time talking about it, is still illegal in the best part of the world.

A professor who works at the University of the Pacific, Stefanie Chalmers, has recently declared that the health benefits of cannabis are related to the stabilizing effects CBD (cannabidiol, one of the active cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant) has on the neuronal membranes. Basically, according to Mrs. Chalmers, CBD acts as a sort of anti-epileptic drug. This is why cannabis oil is so effective when it comes to fight against epileptic seizures: CBD can reduce and even eliminate the convulsions, and the effects can carry on for many years after the patients stop taking the drug. In these cases, the oil becomes part of a ketogenic diet, through which a series of nutrients are selected to simulate the metabolic conditions of a normal fasting. The organism uses oil instead of glucose, and ketone bodies enter the bloodstream. Once this happens, the number of seizures begins to decrease.

Practically speaking, the process begins with 2 or 3 day of fasting, which lowers the level of insulin activity. Then, the level of insulin is kept low via a diet made almost exclusively of fat, which pushed the blood to use the cannabidiol as a key nutrient. This is why you need oil: because that’s how the ketogenic diet works.

At the moment, the diet is considered one of the remedies for people who suffer from incurable forms of epilepsy. However, it is still thought as “the last resort” in a worst case scenario. Many activists are pointing out that cannabis oil has been used for centuries, and that the ketogenic diet should be considered as THE main cure. It’s that simple, and its crazy healthy. Why are we still so scared about our own health?