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Good News For Those Who Wish To Invest In Cannabis Stocks!

Well, why ever not? Now that the future of marijuana is medical, recreational and gradually legal across more and more states, why not invest? Marijuana has always been a trillion dollar industry, but everything was underground and grossly legal with that evil name. The magic of legalization now makes us think that it was a profound mistake all along. Nowadays marijuana is a mighty medical expert capable of curing heart disease, epilepsy, Parkinson and schizophrenia. Cannabis is a glorious toy in the hands of adults of 21 of course legally speaking, though too many kids have tried it. Celebrities who experimented with the mild drug are too many to be counted, but Bob Dylan is among them.

Invest in stocks or open up a cannabis business?

Several companies smaller and bigger have taken the goodness of cannabis to heart. The wonder is that the weed looked upon since 1937 has suddenly become everybody’s darling as it should be with the curative properties. A business in growing or selling marijuana would be lucrative enough in view of all that is fated to happen in the near future. Though the underground trade has thrived for many generations, the current cohort is the first to get things moving legally. Isn’t that wonderful indeed? Our children and grandchildren would be discussing it when we are gone.

The two big fish making it cannabis great

We should be hearing a great deal about GW Pharmaceuticals and Insys Therapeutics. For purposes of investment, their stocks are now priced at $ 114.79 and $ 60.03 respectively. As we all know THC and CBD are those important cannabis constituents and GW has started playing around with them. GW has created the THC drug Sativex for the treatment of multiple sclerosis spasticity, approved by European authorities too. Sativex may help with the treatment of cancer pain as well.

The GW CBD based drug Epidiolex is in the experimental stage to treat epilepsy. Further, GW is busy researching therapies for treating schizophrenia and diabetes too. Sufferers could envision possible cures during their lifetimes.

Insys Therapeutics getting diversified

Insys already has Subsys on the market, an opioid that controls pain. The marijuana program includes the THC based Marinol. Studies are ongoing for the CBD drug that treats Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome of epilepsy. Big leaps are happening in terms of money and drugs soon. The two mighty companies may be competing!