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Marijuana enthusiasts are usually open to the idea of trying new strains. One of the recently-trending strains is Jock Horror. There are some rave reviews of this sativa-dominant hybrid, which is a cross between Northern Lights, and two other strains belonging to Haze and Skunk families. In this quick review, we are sharing more on what to expect when you try Jock Horror.

The basics

Jock Horror has a sativa-indica ratio of 70:30 with THC content at around 24%. Expectedly, this is not a strain for new cannabis users, and if you are trying Jock Horror for the first time, make sure to go easy. CBD content of this strain is less than 1%. Coming to the flavors, the strain tastes sweet with a hint of berry in there. As the name indicates, the strain gets its name from popular American cannabis rights activist Jack Herer. The Jock Horror plant can be really tall in height, often as tall as 3 meters. If you are a beginner growing cannabis at home for the first time, Jock Horror may not be the easiest option, although the plant thrives both in indoor and outdoor environments. The flowering period of this strain is 9 weeks, although 11 weeks is not uncommon either.

What to expect?

Jock Horror is an ideal strain for those who want to experience euphoria and a boost in creativity. The strain can help those with depression and anxiety and may offer some relief for chronic pain. Although not the best strain to sleep, Jock Horror can be useful for insomnia for some people. Some users have reported red eyes as one of the effects. Jock Horror is best reserved for daytime use. Also, this is one of those strains that can make you feel really hungry, so ensure that you have enough munchies within reach.

Understanding medical benefits

Jock Horror can be used as an appetite-stimulating strain, and it can also help those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. Again, with medical cannabis, you have to take it easy and understand how the strain impacts your body. Every strain is unique for every user in some way, and Jock Horror is no different.

What about side effects?

There are not many known adverse effects of Jock Horror, except for dry mouth and dry eyes. Make sure that you are well hydrated when trying this strain.

Jock Horror is available in limited dispensaries.