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It can be hard to deal with frequent migraine headaches. There are medicines that can help with headaches and other symptoms of migraine, but patients are often wary of the side effects. Some medical cannabis users have found benefits of using marijuana for migraine headaches. Marijuana contains a bunch of chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, and THC, which is the only known psychoactive cannabinoid, can be useful in getting relief from marijuana. Not all marijuana strains are equal, and each one can work differently for different people. In this post, we are sharing some of the best strains for migraine headaches.

OG Kush

AKA Premium OG Kush, this is a strain that became popular in 90s and has remained a classic cannabis strain for many users. The lineage of this strain includes Hindu Kush plant, Chemdawg, and Lemon Thai. The fuel-like, skunk flavor of this strain is well-known to many. OG Kush is a potent strain, with THC content around 17% to 24%. The immediate high with this strain can help with migraine headaches and generic pain. It is also a great strain for medical cannabis users dealing with depression and anxiety.


The CBD to THC ratio of this strain makes this a popular choice among many. It contains up to 7% THC and 16% CBD, which makes Harlequin a more balanced strain. Harlequin has been named time and again as one of the most useful strains for migraine relief. This is not your strain to get high, but you can expect a sense of clarity and may feel more alert. The earthy musk of this strain is easy to identify. Harlequin doesn’t cause the intense cerebral high, but it can make you sleepy.

Purple Kush

The last one on this list is Purple Kush, which is a 100% pure-indica strain. This is a cross between two other popular strains – Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. The strain can cause an immediate high, and the effects of euphoria can last for long time. Purple Kush is among the best-rated strains for physical relaxation, and it can help with migraine headaches and pain. The THC content of this strain may vary, but the average is usually 22%. Purple Kush is a numbing strain, which is best used at night. For medical cannabis users looking for migraine pain relief, this can work anytime.

Do check all the details of a strain before you buy, and more importantly, go easy when experimenting with options.