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Cheryl Shuman: A Story

At the age of 24, Cheryl Shuman was an happy woman. She defeated poverty selling discount coupons in Los Angeles, and she became a millionaire. Something, however, went wrong and her empire collapsed. She found a job in an optical shop for 4 dollars an hour. One day, Michael Jackson entered the shop. He was forced to walk around in disguise in order to avoid fans and journalists, and Cheryl said she could serve him in his house. Michael Jackson appreciated the idea, after he realized the list of clients of the woman included George Lucas, John Landis, Quincy Jones and Paula Abdul. Soon, Cheryl was rich again. Her life, however, was destined to be a roller coster of emotions and events. She is an entrepreneur and a single mother, she survived cancer and, in the last few years, she has become the queen of cannabis in the showbiz.

Cheryl began her journey with the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and was successful in earning the trust of the biggest starts. A few days ago, she organized a meeting for all the women who want to step into the cannabis business: she wanted to share the secrets she learned and utter a motivational speech. Basically, it is an aid program to help women start a cannabis-business. Some of the people who attended were interested in making money, others were fascinated by the health benefits of the plant…an entrepreneur also presented her new product: cannabis-candies for dogs, which supposedly help anxious dog relax.

Cheryl met marijuana in 1996, after a difficult love relationship. Close to depression, she went to a psychologist who suggested her to try some pot. It worked. In the same year, medical marijuana became legal and the woman bought a farm, where she began to grow cannabis. Soon after, she contacted all the stars she knew asking if they were interested in her home-delivery marijuana service.

In 2006 she was diagnosed with cancer and she decided to use cannabis as a cure. In 60 days, she left her quasi-vegetative status behind here and began to live again. Cheryl firmly believed marijuana cured her, and she began to promote the health benefits of the plant. Her main objective was simple and ambitious: becoming the Martha Stewart of cannabis.

People all over the world are now investing in marijuana. They buy good seeds from quality sites like and begin to grow plants to produce oil, sweets, weed…a new market is born.