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Conservative Politicians You Probably Didn’t Know Were In Favor of Cannabis Legalization. Right-wingers, particular those with a strong social conservative bent, aren’t known for having a favorable attitude towards cannabis in the public sphere. However, with an increasing liberal attitude towards the plants in countries such as Portugal, the Netherlands, some states in America, and most notably Uruguay, conservative politicians seem to be changing right along with their colleagues on the left.

And this is not just limited to the libertarian and neo-liberal oriented right-wingers, either. In recent months and years some of the most unlikely right-leaning politicians seem to be taking a far more tolerant view of cannabis, and have even openly discussed legalization.

Sarah Palin
Tea party favorite and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at major media event a few years ago downplayed the importance of arresting cannabis users in favor of focusing on actual crimes. While she did not endorse legalization she did imply that marijuana consumption is not a serious problem and that law enforcement has more “appropriate [things]…to do”.
Conservative sources have suggested that Palin could have simply been pandering as she was speaking to Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News legal expert known for his libertarian leaning positions. However, considering Palin has consistent adhered to her convictions, such as those regarding abortion, no matter who she’s speaking to, this relaxed attitude towards ganja does seem to be genuine.


Tom Tancredo
Former republican congressman Tom Tancredo has taken a rather bold step for a politician of his political affiliation. Citing the absolute failure of prohibition, the financial drain wrought by anti-drug policing, in addition the promotion of the ideals of limited government, Tancredo publicly endorsed Colorado Amendment 64 two years ago. The said proposal was the piece of legislation which led to the legalization of cannabis in the Rocky Mountain state.

Pat Robertson
Yes, you read that right, former presidential candidate and far-right televangelist Pat Robertson actually has come out in favor of cannabis legalization. Despite hawkishly adhering to ultraconservative societal politics on…well, every subject Robertson two years ago on his own show, the 700 Club, not only endorsed Coloradan initiatives to legalize the marijuana and even went so far as to advocate legalizing the plant for both medical and recreational use. Interestingly enough this move has actually attracted support from unlike places, including Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, other religious leaders, and the Drug Policy Alliance.