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A lot of the marijuana edibles at dispensaries come in the form of sweet treats. For those who use them, the benefits of edibles outweigh the risks posed by high levels of sugar and fat. But, if you are looking to lose those unwanted pounds as part of a healthy lifestyle, consider a different type of edible.

Can Marijuana Help you Lose Weight?

Studies show that medical marijuana legalization triggers a reduction in the probability of obesity among users. Authors of these studies noticed that younger and older users have a difference in behavioral changes. Older users relieve symptoms that limit their mobility, helping them stay physically active. On the other hand, younger marijuana users consumed less alcohol, which means fewer calorie consumption. Extra research and anecdotal evidence identify the reasons consuming marijuana may help with weight loss:

  • It makes users lead an active lifestyle. As marijuana relieves symptoms such as pain, users can easily engage in physical activity. Also, Sativa-based medications offer you a boost in energy levels that helps you get moving. Plus, the inflammatory properties of marijuana also allow your muscles to heal after intense exercise.

  • It helps manage stress and depression. Anxiety and depression are mental health conditions that can result in binge eating and reduced physical activity, increasing your risk of weight gain. Medical marijuana can improve your mood, letting you practice healthy habits.

  • It controls blood glucose levels. High levels of blood sugar can cause body cells to develop insulin resistance. These cells stop using glucose for energy, increasing your risk of diabetes and weight gain. Cannabis decreases the inflammation associated with insulin resistance to your body can efficiently metabolize sugar.

Marijuana Edibles to Use for your Weight Loss Journey

Just like any kind of food, consuming sweet edibles in moderation will not interfere with your diet. But, you might need inspiration for edibles to consume instead of the usual baked items. If you want alternatives to baked goods and candies, you can consider infused nut butter on whole-grain bread or a fruit smoothie made from yogurt, cannabis medicine, and your favorite fruit to boost your ability to engage in physical activity. Moreover, an increased intake of healthy carbohydrates, vitamin D, protein, and Vitamin B can kickstart your mind and mood. Such edibles can help you feel calmer and happier, letting you concentrate on your weight loss approach. Just ensure to consult your doctor when using cannabis medicine for mood disorders.