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Dabbing wax is one of the newest and most misunderstood methods of consuming marijuana. It is similar to smoking cannabis through a bong. However, instead of packing a bowl with dried buds, you burn a cannabis extract or concentrate. After this, you inhale the vapor and enjoy the experience. This post is a guide for dabbing that will walk you through this method and equipment used for it:

How Dabbing Works?

Dabbing is a hybrid between smoking and vaping cannabis. Although smoking devices require an open flame for heating dried cannabis flower and vaping requires exposing an infused oil to an electronic heating element, dabbing provides a way to vaporize different kinds of solid cannabis matter discreetly and effectively.

Cannabis concentrates are quite potent and available in a lot of different forms including waxes and glass-like substances. You need a specialized device to burn these substances. To dab, you can use a dab rig that requires a full setup and must be lit with a mini torch or use a dab pen. This modified, portable pen can be taken nearly anywhere.

Reasons Marijuana Users Opt for Dabbing Instead of Smoking

These days, more marijuana users are interested in moving away from traditional smoking to enjoy cannabis. Those who don’t like to smoke marijuana have a lot of alternatives such as cannabis edibles, beverages, vaporizer oils, and more. But, the ingestion method is almost as essential as the variety and strength of cannabis ingested in terms of expecting the effects to be experienced. Dabbing provides an experience that can be compared to smoking, which often leads to a rapid-onset high that can be felt in just minutes, but without the drawbacks often associated with smoking. With the right equipment, users can dab dried flowers and many kinds of cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax, or condensed oil. Such substances provide highly concentrated doses of THC without the extra matter that dried flower contains.

Dabbing Equipment

If you want to try dabbing, you must use the right equipment. This includes the following:

  • Dab rig. This device is often made from glass that includes a surface to heat the concentrate.

  • Dab nail. The nail is where you place the concentrate for heating. You must fit the nail to the rig.

  • Dabber or wand. This is used for getting the wax, crystals, or oils you place into the nail.

  • Mini torch. It is used for heating the dabs.