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When it comes to cannabis cultivation, soil plays a prominent role in determining whether or not the cultivation will be a success. The first few things you need to know about the qualities of good land that’s ideal for cannabis cultivation are listed below.

  • The soil should display a water-retention feature.
  • The land should have a proper drainage system.
  • It’s necessary that the Ph level of the soil is acidic, ideally 6-7.

There are different kinds of soils that support cannabis growth. You can always make alterations depending upon the type of strains you choose and the weather conditions.

That said, the guide below is idealistic for people trying to find out, What is the best land for growing marijuana?

1. Sandy Soil

Sandy soil is considered suitable for cultivating Cannabis because it is acidic and has a good drainage capacity. However, it lacks certain features. In order to make up for those missing features like poor water retention, you can add some specific soil ingredients to create your own super soil. The best one include:

  • Perlite – It’s an ideal soil ingredient since it has a good water retention capacity. Besides, when added in high amount, it makes the soil rich in nutrients and prevents them from getting washed away quickly. All in all, perlite is ideal for sandy soil to increase cannabis growth.

2. Silt Soil

The first thing that you need to know about cannabis cultivation that no soil is perfect. You have to add ingredients in order to achieve the perfect combination.

That being said, the second soil variant that’s recommended for Cannabis cultivation is Silt soil. Why? Well, it has a fabulous water retention capacity and it is naturally very rich in nutrients and quite fertile. That said, it requires addition because it has a poor drainage capacity. The best soil ingredient to increase drainage is;

  • Landscape Rocks – Also known as gravels, they reduce water holding by letting the water drain. Remember, standing water is not good for cannabis growth. The soil needs to get dry after a certain amount of time before the next irrigation cycle. If the soil remains moist, it will fester pests like fungus Gnat.

Some other superior soil ingredients that can help in creating super soil for cannabis cultivation are listed below.

  • Peat Moss – It has excellent water retention and nutrients holding capacity.
  • Vermiculite – It is rich in minerals that can make even infertile soil ideal for marijuana harvesting.
  • Arlita – It is expanded clay that, when mixed with soil, imbeds necessary nutrients alongside improving water retention capability.