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There are many profound and inspirational quotes over the years from notable folks who have advocated about the high one gets by smoking weed and their experiences about it. A lot of stigma circles around the use of cannabis, but those advocating its usage tells about how it soothes the mind and soul. One such influential reggae artist of all-time was Bob Marley, whose full name was Nesta Robert Marley. He was born in 1945 and rose to heights with Jamaican government awarding him the Order of Merit and the United Nations giving him Medal of Peace.

Though he died way back in 1981, his influence on the culture is still alive till date. Here are some of the quotes given by this Rastafarian that can inspire you to smoke cannabis.

When You Smoke the Herb, It Reveals You to Yourself.”

All great saints are always in the pursuit of knowing thyself. This quote of Marley rings true to any weed smoker who actually spends the time he or she is high in deep thoughts pondering over the secrets of life and meditation. It is said that creativity is at its best when one is high. Those who smoke cannabis swear by the fact that it melts the mind in such a manner that one is able to think deeper and clearer thus paving a way for self-revelation.

Herb Is the Healing of a Nation, Alcohol Is the Destruction.”

Those who are against marijuana advocate that it is destructing the nation by taking the youth along the wrong path. But, Bob always felt that marijuana heals the nation by bringing people together. It helps in relieving their pains, easing their tensions and thus making them relaxed and happy. If you see the data also, you will find that it’s alcohol that causes more accidents and deaths and not cannabis.

Herb is More a Consciousness. Music and Herb Go Together.”

Bob always believed that cannabis is more about enhancing consciousness, thereby bringing out the best in you. It is true also because when you are high you can understand yourself, your skills and your desires better, which helps in creating things that you could never do otherwise.

So, next time when you’re enjoying smoking a little cannabis, think of these quotes given by Bob Marley. Who knows, you may get inspired and do something great.