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Over 30 states in the US have legalized the use of medical marijuana, while 9 states plus Washington has also paved way for recreational cannabis. With that state, growing cannabis at home is not legal in all states, so before you read ahead, make sure to check the state laws. Below is a quick guide on how to grow marijuana at home.

  1. Research on strains. There are three basic choices – Indica, Sativa, and hybrids. You need to review and understand various strains to decide on one, because different strains contain different amount of THC and CBD.
  2.  Go for feminized seeds. If you are growing cannabis for the first time, make sure to go for feminized seeds, which ensure higher yield. With feminized seeds, be careful with the environment, because plants can produce male flowers.
  3. Get a grow tent. You may not have a room to dedicate to cannabis, so get yourself a grow tent, which comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Make sure that the entire area is clean before setting the grow tent.
  4. Invest in good grow lights. The next step is to block out light from the area, so that you can set up grow lights. There are all sorts of options, CFL and LED being two common choices. You can also reflective material for ceiling and walls.
  5. Consider the ventilation system. Marijuana needs enough air for photosynthesis, so the focus on the ventilation system is essential. You can use an exhaust fan, or just check online to find more options or ways to make the room more energy efficient.
  6.  Get the basics in place. To ensure that the marijuana plant gets the right atmosphere, consider investing in a humidity meter. If budget permits, get a pH meter, as well.
  7. Choose the right soil mix. There are soil mixes available that make growing marijuana so much easier. Also, it is necessary to consider the need for nutrients, which includes nitrogen and phosphorous – the two most important ones.

Make sure that your plants have enough space to grow, and at some point, it must be necessary to shift the plants to a bigger pot, which may help in better growth. There are online guides as how you can germinate the seeds and care for your cannabis rightly during the growing phase. Check all those aspects and ensure that you don’t grow more than the number of plants allowed per household in your state.