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As the chorus gets stronger about legalizing weed, it’s time that you knew the basics about trying those marijuana strains. Let’s start by understanding the laws first. If you live in the US, it is important that you realize that cannabis is, in fact, legal for medicinal use in 30 states, while you can access it for recreational purposes in 9 states plus Washington. That said, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. If you are keen on experience that euphoria and are over the age of 21, here are some of the things you need to know.

Understand medical marijuana

As far as content is concerned, medical marijuana is same as recreational cannabis. However, in recent years, some strains are being produced that reduces the ‘high effect’. Basically, the cannabis contains over a hundred chemical compounds called cannabinoids, and these compounds work different on the body. Of these, THC and CBD are two important chemicals that have use for medicinal purposes. That said, getting access to medical marijuana requires a prescription, and there’s a limit to the contents you can buy. You must have a valid marijuana card.

Buying recreational marijuana

It goes without saying that buying marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal, except for the 10 states where it is legal as of now. If live in one of these states, you can check for dispensaries in your area. You can find shop reviews online, which can come in handy to select the right one. Keep in mind that the quality of weed makes a difference, and you want to be sure of the strain. In most states, a person is allowed to possess one ounce per person.

Growing marijuana at home

If your state laws permit, you can choose to grow marijuana at home, but there are a few dos and don’ts to follow. Firstly, check the laws. In most states where growing cannabis is legal, you can only grow a particular number of plants per household, and that’s usually between four and six. Growing marijuana is another story altogether. You have to be careful with all the relevant aspects, including lighting, air and nutrients. If this your first attempt, make sure that you are using feminized seeds. There are online guides as how you can grow cannabis at home, which can help, but again, start slow and reduce your investment initially to see if you really succeed.

The price depends on the strain, and some may cost as much as $20 per gram or even more.