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Producing good cannabis is a combination of a careful plantation, proper flowering, timely trimming, and a steady curing process. The last one is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Harvesting is simply not enough to get expected results and you should also cure the buds correctly, in order to achieve successful production. Growers tend to avoid this process and therefore, you should know why it is important and how to do it the right way.

People usually cure food to preserve it for longer durations. This allowed them to consume it anytime later and not immediately when it is produced or harvested. The only goal is to remove any bacteria that may have formed during preservation. However, this is not the case with cannabis because it only requires enough persistence and patience.

Curing is essentially required for plants to consume the sugars and starch released due to the breakdown of excess amounts, otherwise, they may start drying and get stuck inside. If you have wondered, why some weed varieties are less flavorful when you smoke them, it is because those components have not been cured properly. Therefore, good curing will not only add flavor to your smoke session but will also increase the impact of the product.

How to Cure Them?

To cure the harvested cannabis, you can trim the bud and hang it upside down from support in a dark space. The room should be maintained at a temperature of 60 to 70 degree Fahrenheit, with a humidity level of 45 – 55 percent. After a few weeks, the stem should break gently on bending and the external part of the flower should be slightly crisp. If this happens, you are ready to sweat your bud. You can do this by separating the bud from the larger stems and put them in containers which are sealed. These should be stored in a dark, cool location and you should visit it regularly to open them and eliminate the excess moisture. Though the bud will be ready to smoke after approximately 2-4 weeks, you should continue curing it for 4-8 weeks to have a stronger flavor and taste.

If you have properly cured cannabis, you can easily store them for up to six months without any hesitation. If you want to store it for a longer duration, you can use a vacuum sealed container. It is not necessary that you have to be a professional cannabis cultivator to produce good buds at home. Sufficient knowledge and ideal conditions can make your way easier.