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There are various choices and decisions that you need to make while growing cannabis yourself. Both indoors and outdoors have their own demands for environmental conditions and container size. Out of all the main things to be considered, the right pot size might get neglected completely, which is, in fact, a major concern.

They come in a large variety of sizes and material type to choose from. The size depends on how large you want the plants to grow. To avoid any hassle in the future and repotting the plants again, you should perform seeding, trimming etc. in a small pot first before moving it into another container for lifelong.

Types of Pots Available

  • Flower pot: They are usually made from plastic and can be bought for a very little amount. You can also buy the old ones made from terracotta, though they are much heavier than the plastic containers. But, terracotta alternatives are very good in holding the moisture and providing a cooling effect. You may need to provide holes at the bottom of these pots sometimes because not all of them have it.

  • Fabric pots: These pots prevent your plant from becoming root bound. They air-prune the roots as soon as they reach the boundaries of the container. Also, they control you from overwatering them and provides you with the facility of storing them safely when not in use. But, one point that should be noted is that fabric pots will make the soil dry faster than the traditional ones. Therefore, you should prefer buying a large fabric pot instead of the normal size one.

  • Air pots: They are designed to have openings on the side for air-regulation from and to the soil. They are also made of plastic and needs you to water them frequently because they also tend to dry up more quickly. Unlike fabric pots, they are more steady and firm and will not tip over frequently. You will also need to arrange a saucer for them because they might leak due to the opening on the side.

  • Hempty buckets: These provide a convenient hydroponic system for cultivation of cannabis as they have a hole a few centimeters above, which retains the nutrients and fertilizers at the bottom. Since there is no separate opening for oxygen, you need to ensure that they are not stored in one place and lead to an undesirable solution.

If you choose a container in which the plant will occupy throughout its life, the roots will be very comfortable and can utilize the entire space at the bottom to spread. Also, if you choose a larger pot, in the beginning, you can monitor it closely and prevent any negligence that may occur. Therefore, the decision rests with you on your comfortability level of handling it.