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Now that you have started smoking marijuana, you should be confident of raising the standards and dosage. With passage of time, you could start increasing the dosage for pleasurable high needs. However, most people would be skeptical about marijuana smoking and associated health risks. Let us clear their doubts.

Does marijuana consumption leads to lung cancer or heart attacks?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no associated risk with marijuana consumption and lung cancer. On the contrary, there have been studies suggesting protective effects of marijuana consumption on lungs of the user. In case, you wonder on the risks associated with marijuana consumption and heart problems, study revealed about enthusiasts smoking marijuana face high risk of dying due to hypertension. However, such studies may have several shortcomings. It has been based on assumptions about anyone trying marijuana for the first time would also qualify as user.

There may be chances of men having heart attack with marijuana in his system sooner or later. However, that would be a far cry. It would be pertinent to mention that heart attack and cannabis usage are prevalent, but it might happen very rare. In case, you have some heart condition and cannot afford your heart rate to go beyond 90, cannabis is not designed for your pleasurable high needs.

Should you go to emergency room for overdose treatment?

Marijuana experts have been of the opinion that you would not need a doctor for getting so high. In case, you rush to emergency room, you would be wasting your money and their precious time. They would sedate you until the pleasurable high goes off.
However, antihistamine along with some cartons could cause adverse reactions. Therefore, you should be careful and prudent in your approach. When you start on a lower dosage and give it adequate time to take effect, chances are meek to have any untoward reaction. However, if your heart starts beating out of your chest, seeking assistance from ER would be a sound option.

Marijuana would not kill you

You should be rest assured that marijuana would not kill you. It would be technically impossible for a smoker to consume 1500 pounds of marijuana in approximately fifteen minutes for inducing fatal response. You should be rest assured that there is no amount of marijuana that one could put in his or her body in a single sitting to induce any fatal response.