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In case, you come across a person who has suffered insomnia or sleep disorder as adult, chances are higher that person would have tried using marijuana for sleep or may have thought about it.

You would come across several cannabis or cannabinoid-based medicines made available for improving sleep disorders. It would also be the most common reason for several cannabis users seeking medical marijuana cards. According to experts, gaining success in using cannabis as sleeping aid would be dependent on the individual. However, you may wonder how cannabis is different for assisting one person in his sleep as compared to the other.

There would be several kinds of similar questions that people seek answers. However, existing research suggests that effects of cannabis on sleep might be dependent on several aspects. It would be inclusive of concentration of marijuana, individual difference and frequent usage.

Marijuana and sleep

It would not be wrong to suggest that access to marijuana has been increasing. In the recent time, several states have legalized marijuana consumption for medicinal purposes.
However, the effects of marijuana on sleep in humans have been researched largely during the past couple of decades. Some of the researches made have been inconsistent due to a number of factors. They have been looking forward to learning about affects of marijuana on the sleeping brain. The study was designed to measure stages and continuity of sleep. There were studies that revealed improvement in ability of marijuana user to stay asleep. Very few subjects in a study were having slight increase in slow wave sleep, which is the deepest stage of sleep.

When you stop using marijuana before bed time, it has been seen that sleep would get worse across the period of withdrawal. It would be pertinent to mention that during the last decade, several researches were conducted with focus laid on usage of marijuana for medical purposes.

Individuals having insomnia have been known to make use of medical cannabis for sleeping at high rate. Approximately 65% of former marijuana users have identified poor sleep as the major cause for relapsing. Usage for sleep has been specifically common in several individual having pain and PTSD. It would be pertinent to mention here that research suggested high motivation for people to make use of marijuana for sleeping needs. It has been deemed of great benefit to sleep. However, the improvements to sleep caused by marijuana usage have been known to decline with constant usage over time.