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While growing plants, in general, can be a difficult task, it takes more efforts when it comes to growing marijuana. Yes, it requires the appropriate amount of water, sunlight, fertilizers, and so many other things. So to ensure proper growth and a good harvest of your plant, here are some tips to take note of:

  • Plantation of strains or hybrids

Unlike the regular seeds, strains or hybrids are more convenient to attend to. They have better resistance to pesticides and also do not require much time to get to the flowering stage. However, it is important to handpick the strain that fits your environmental aspects. If you choose a strain which can only grow in warm conditions but you are a resident of a colder climate, then the desired results may not be achieved.

  • Soil and the right climate

Choose the substrate which fits your seed. In humid areas, a substrate that has a good retention capacity for water is not recommended. Not just that, the climate in which the plant is growing has to be noted as well. Here, spring season is considered the best for proper growth. The plant also requires four to six hours of direct sun contact. It is only after the germination process that the plant can be grown outside.

  • Water and removal of buds

Marijuana plants have to be given the appropriate amount of water at the correct time. This is why the planters who grow it in large numbers have an automatic watering system with a timer. However, the individuals who prefer to monitor and study the growth would not prefer this technique. The water should also contain the right amount of PH value. If it is too high or low, it can be rectified accordingly. While watering if the plant is observed to be cold, it is because there’s already water in the soil.

Another important aspect to note is that the male buds have to be removed before the time of harvest. This process can be done only when the plant starts budding.

  • Fertilizer

The requirement of utilizing a fertilizer starts after about three to four weeks. This is because till then the nutrients are provided by the soil itself. It is important to make sure that only food fertilizers are used. In this regard, if you wish to cut the cost of the fertilizers then tomato fertilizers can be your best bet. However, you need to follow the dosage instructions of the fertilizers in order to get the great yield.

In this way, following all these tips will ensure the perfect growth for your plant.