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Wondering how you’d make marijuana milk for the first time? For first timers who have no idea about what needs to be done and how, the chances of goofing up are higher. Thinking how you’ll make marijuana milk as per your requirement or liking? Well, today we will be presenting the step by step recipe of making the perfect marijuana milk blend. It is about time to get a little extra creative in the kitchen it seems.

The requirements would be full-fat milk along with cannabis. Also, sieve and cheesecloth for the blending and filtering process. Now, the quantity of the ingredients required totally depends on the amount of marijuana milk you want to prepare. Maybe you are looking for an instant milkshake or future use, you can choose accordingly.

Steps to follow:

1) Begin with grinding the cannabis you possess into a fine powder as the more you grind it, the better it will be for you to mix it with the milk later.

2) The next step is to simmer the milk, make sure you do not boil it. Place it in a pan and put it on medium heat to create the perfect blend.

3) Now it is time to add the cannabis powder that you prepared to this milk and then keep stirring. You will want to avoid lumps and other such things and hence it is suggested that you add it in small quantities and keep blending in the same.

4) Once the mixture has reached the required consistency you will leave it on the flame to bubble over. Every now and then you will have to stir the pan to make sure that it doesn’t boil. To get the right consistency and flavor, you’ll have to keep a keen eye on it.

5) After a period of sixty minutes, you can bring down the pan and allow it to cool over. Once this part is done then comes the filtering with the help of the sieve.

6) All the plant matter will be left behind in the sieve and you will have the marijuana milk you have been preparing for so long. You can either consume it at the same time or store it for further usage. Make sure that you consume it before the milk’s original expiry date.

Its marijuana milk time, everybody!