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Did You go to The New England Cannabis Convention?

If you had not left far from the Rhode Island Convention Center, you might attend The New England Cannabis Convention. It was held on Sunday, May 17th, 11 AM – 5 PM, Rhode Island Convention Center, 1 Sabin Street Providence, RI 02903. The organizers described the event as a mind-opening experience: “The New England Cannabis Convention has EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you need to know & meet to get involved in the Medical marijuana industry! 60+ vendors, 2 dozen speakers, and a section of retailers selling the latest & greatest smoking, vaping, growing, and storing accessories! Come see first-hand how to navigate the Medical Marijuana industry and/or profit from a business that experts say will outpace the global smartphone market next year! Medical Marijuana dispensaries up and running the industry is BOOMING. Get experts advice from vendors, doctors, growers, lawyers, advocates, even patients and caregivers. From tools to schools, holistic healing to hydroponics, it’s all part of New England’s largest medical marijuana industry showcase at Rhode Island Convention Center in downtown Providence.”

In other words, we are talking about a meeting that brings together experts from different places within the cannabis world, an opportunity to learn about the current cannabis laws, the state of the industry and the possibilities for the future. According to the websites, the NECC, aka New England Cannabis Convention, was “conceived during a discussion lamenting the lack of established resource hubs for the rapidly expanding Medical Marijuana industry in New England. Events where patients, advocates, businesses, educators, and consumers can connect and learn from each other. We decided that a locally owned & operated series of events at key locations across the region would be a superior alternative to an outside corporate giant dropping a national business focused “Canna Con” on New England once a year.”

Considering the fact that many of those who live in New England (Boston, Providence, Portland, etc.) are not even able to go online and purchase cannabis seeds to grow and enjoy their own plants, events like the New England Cannabis Convention are fundamental. Not only they help people understand what happens within the cannabis world, but they also act as producers of a new, open cannabis culture. Thanks to these events, in fact, people can ask questions and explore their own curiosity: this is how culture is produced and reinforced.