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Essence of a truly Magnificent Gift to the Human Race and use of Marijuana

The bad name, the bad reputation and the unhealthy misconception, all in all, a terrible environment for marijuana to grow up in. This particular plant and its uses have been practically demonized by the society. But with the changing times and with more awareness about this plant, people have become more accepting and understanding about what it is and what it is capable of. The misconceptions are the most difficult to get rid of and this is where the basis of the problem lies. The particular problem with cannabis is that there are very few scientific research communities who are ready to accept the benefits of this plant, in spite of the effectiveness of this drug, as already proved by many medical centers.

The Use of Marijuana

More than a majority of the anticipated population has experiences in smoking marijuana and have had no major or permanent damage caused to them, when smoked in moderation. It is common knowledge that any kind of smoke does have some effect, but what a lot of people are unaware of this the fact that The United Nations have actually listed marijuana under a soft drug and cigarette along with alcohol as a hard drug. One of the many reasons why people are apprehensive about experiencing marijuana is because of the supposed psychedelic effects related to it. However most moderate consumers, who possess adequate and correct information about this plant, are of the view that the after effects are actually quite pleasant and calming. Almost like a stress reliever. It calms down the nerves and relaxes the body. People tend to reach a certain subconscious level of the brain, and perceive things differently than others. This in turn is by and large regarded as hallucinations, by those who are adequately unaware of the properties of this supposed drug.

It is important to state that there are twenty three countries in The United States alone have legalized the medical use of cannabis and some for even its recreational use as well. A few are on the verge of the legalization process and rest is in the process of re-consideration. Therefore it could be stated in the fashion of a realist statement that one of the most powerful nations in the world has largely supported the use of marijuana and this could create a chain of events leading to further legalization creating a balance in the international system of international order.

Therefore when it comes to the knowledge and information about cannabis, then it is important that one has attained proper awareness about the plant and get rid of all the misconception.