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The cannabis plant has been cultivated in different regions across the globe. This plant can thrive under any climatic condition. As long as you follow expert guidelines, your cannabis plants can produce as many yields as possible. But, despite their resilience, cannabis plants are not totally immune to pests. Thus, if you are planning to start cultivating this plant, you must have knowledge and skills on pest control. Below are some ways to keep your cannabis garden free of harmful pests:

Welcome Beneficial Pests to your Garden

Not all pests are harmful to cannabis plants. Some pests prey on the plant’s natural enemies. However, you must learn the difference between beneficial and harmful pests. Pests that can harm your plants include green peach aphid, cotton bollworm, tobacco whitefly, diamondback moth, taro caterpillar, red flour beetle, and others. Once you identify the harmful pests, you can initiate their natural enemies into your garden or farm. Pests such as ground beetles, parasitic wasps, and ladybirds prey on harmful plant pests.

Invest in Pest-Resistant Cannabis Seeds

With these seeds, you no longer have to worry about serious pest infestations. This makes it important to invest in the best marijuana seeds. Make sure to get them from a trusted seller. Ask the seller if their seeds are modified and the strains they have been modified from. Also, it is a wise decision to go for auto-flowering seeds instead of regular or feminized ones. Auto-flowering seeds automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage based on age.

Give your Cannabis Plants Some Companions

Companion plants act as natural pest-repellents. They often produce a pungent smell that wards off pests from your cannabis crops. These include marigolds, geraniums, beans, mint, and basil. Plants such as pepper, onions, garlic will come in handy if your garden is visited by bigger threats such as deer and rabbits.

Install Barriers

To create a physical barrier around your cannabis garden, use a fine net or a cardboard collar. A fine net helps keep flying insects at bay while cardboard collars protect your cannabis plants from burrowing insects that may come from underneath the soil.

If you choose to use a fine net, make sure it is positioned in a way that there is enough space for your plants to grow. You might need to dig posts into the soil, so you can hoist the net at a height above your plants. Meanwhile, you can use cardboard collars around the stem of your plant. Just make sure to press the collars an inch or two into the soil.