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Cannabis can deliver a powerful psychoactive high if you have a quality stash or good tolerance. No matter your experience level with cannabis, you will always want to feel the high you are hoping for. To maximum the high you feel from your cannabis, here are ways you should consider:

Pick the Right Strains

To make sure you get quality cannabis strains, always get your product from a dispensary or a legal cannabis club. Make sure to learn first about every strain you are considering. Keep in mind that their unique effects are caused by their unique phytochemical profile, including dominant cannabinoids and terpenes. Also, get numbers on what THC levels you can expect. Sure, such traits will vary depending on the grower and the seeds. Consider experimenting until you find the strain that offers your desired sensation.

Store your Cannabis Well

Storing the weed in a plastic container or the bag it got it in can spoil its potency. Also, because plastic can conduct an electric charge, it will fry the THC-rich trichomes in the flowers. It is better to use a good glass or steel jar. But, make sure they have humidity controls built-in and have removable humidity packs. If you don’t have these, you can cure the weed by leaving a peel of lemon, orange, or lime sealed in with the weed for two to three hours. This will prevent your supply from becoming crumbly, dry, and less potent. You can preserve the quality of your stash by storing it in a dark, cool place.

Adjust How you Can Consume your Weed

Smoking too much cannabis can spoil the treat of it. While your body adjusts to having more cannabinoids in its system, your tolerance to the substance improves. So, you need to change up your routine to boost the intensity of your high. For instance, if you are used to smoking cannabis first thing in the morning, you can abstain until evening. Never smoke with every meal. Changing up your routine can help you combat the tolerance to the substance.

Vary the Methods by Which You Get High

Some people who prefer to smoke cannabis may experience a different sensation when they consume it. You may feel your desired high from vaping or bong hit. To make sure you don’t use your lungs altogether, consider experimenting with edibles. Generally, edibles and dabs are the most high-potency cannabis products.