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Get all the marijuana that you can eat and smoke in Cambodia!

Happy Pizza and Happy Herb Pizza! Maybe you didn’t hear about them elsewhere, but in Cambodia you would surely do. Why Happy? because the pizza is garnished with cannabis. What is the legal status of cannabis? Well, weed is not legal, but it would seem like, the police are not bothered. Cambodians cook with cannabis and use it as an herb for therapy. Powerful therapy.

Happy Herb Pizza is what some shops are called and you know now what secret the pizza holds and why the moniker happy. Even the crowded areas of the Phnom Penh tourist paradise have such shops, very endearing indeed. Cannabis pizzas are cheaper than seafood pizzas at about $5. Well, there is something more about drugs in cool Cambodia! Make it to the smoking heaven on Otres Beach in Sihanoukville. With no worries about police nightmares, smoke your cannabis joint for $1 or thereabouts.

Where will you find the suppliers of your beloved weed and other crazy things you might desire? Contact the tuktuk and taxi guys. These resourceful local guys with contacts can arrange your food, beer, girls and drugs too. As long as you are not addicted to drugs, Cambodia holds no dangers. Avoid drug dealers though. Dangers like mistaking heroin for cocaine, overdosing, and several deaths following. Follow the safe route.

We live in a crazy world as far as the wonder weed cannabis is concerned. America and Canada are clever indeed and are busy making liberal laws to enable sufferers to benefit like for treating epilepsy. On the other hand, some countries would imprison you for cannabis connections of dealing, growing or consumption. Let us be reasonable and allow small quantities for personal consumption. Cambodia is like that, reasonably allowing cannabis use while the law looks the other way.

Since societies everywhere and especially tourist cultures are looking to make profits, it is understandable that tourists should be allowed some freedom. Because it can affect your Tourism ratio. The Netherlands is one arena that always encouraged pot research and unrestricted use. Besides, not legalizing means that cannabis remains illegal and smugglers have a great time. Some countries wisely legalized cannabis to get rid of the smuggling underworld and illicit trade.

If you wish to combine business with pleasure in Cambodia, so be it, especially if you live in nearby Asian countries. Some addresses would be useful to find your way around with cannabis food and smokes.