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You need to choose your high with the right strain at your party doorstep. In order to avoid unwanted problems and unhappy feelings and thoughts. Below are some of the exclusive GH Genetics that you can choose according to the type of occasion or party you are planning, which can make you go crazy or peaceful depending upon the type of strain you are consuming. It’s really important to know about the strain are planning to use for your parties.


Strain Type: Sativa

Chocolope is one of the best Sativa Strain types for partying, which suits all the occasions. DNA Genetics of chocolate developed by crossing Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The pure hefty Sativa buds add the sweet coffee flavors which provide a cerebral effect. It is next to impossible to be unhappy when you have such Chocoloper which gives you a good high.

White Russian

Strain Type: Hybrid

White Russian is also one of the best hybrid strain type which people usually use for dinner parties. As White Russian is a cross of one of the two top legendary strains which are White Widow and AK-47. The white Russian is a fragrant plant with a flavor which is smooth and spicy, it’s high is quite cerebral and usually, people prefer White Russian for Dinner parties.


Strain Type: Sativa

Tangie is one of the Sativa strain types, which is best for cocktail parties, which people usually use when there is a gathering of a group after work. This strain is basically a remake of the most popular version of Tangerine Dream. Tangie high is quite good which can last for 4-5 hours.

Blue Goo:

Strain Type: Hybrid

Blue Goo is also a hybrid strain type which is suitable for both friends and family, whether you are planning a friend’s party or a family gathering, Blue Goo is the perfect choice for family gatherings. Blue Goo gives you moderate high with uplifting effects that you might have seen in Sativas, though Blue Goo isn’t too energetic thanks to the Afhoo’s contribution which makes Blue Goo mellow in nature and Blue Goo is best for both nighttime and day consumption.

It is really important to know about the types of strains you are planning to use in your parties. As it can affect your enjoyment and environment as well, thus it is really necessary to choose the type of strain according to your occasions. Hope you now have an idea about some of the best GH Genetics which you can use for parties.