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Contrary to the popular myth not everyone in the Baby Boomer generation who grew up through the era of the hippy movement smoked weed. In fact, it seems like many of those people never did even after that turbulent time period. Fortunately, with legal victories all over United States and elsewhere these late budder’s can enjoy a little ganja and can proudly show their elated reactions on camera as well. And if you haven’t seen any of these reactions you are missing out.
For example, a group of YouTube users recently interviewed a group of elderly women who’ve never smoked cannabis, then offered them a series of bong hits and their reactions after smoking are truly precious! Despite having a little trouble at first, they slowly adapt to ripping off the starter bong. The interview segments are edited between five minute intervals and the trio discusses their reactions to the plant, play jenga, and fifteen minutes later are introduced to a vaporizer. This is the part where it starts to get really good! Conversation becomes a bit zanier and the three lovely women go from pleasantly relaxed to completely tranquil.

The three women continue playing card games, snack on foods, and amusingly attempt to discern the meaning of modern gutter terms like ‘queef’. Forty minutes into the experience the trio of ladies erupts into an interminable series of giggles and laughter. So while the video isn’t a rolling barrel of laughs to watch it is completely adorable. But video’s like this should be taken seriously for anyone who wants to advance the cause of cannabis legalization. As the Independent observed:
“The video ends with the grandmas tucking into some Doritos, as the filmmakers claim “No grandmas were harmed in the making of this video”. Though it doesn’t have an explicit message, the video seems to have been made in support of wider legalization of the drug in the US, showing that it can have positive effects outside of the traditional stoner demographic.”

This point is worth considering after all even in the modern age most cannabis users are stereotypes as being airheaded, listless and irresponsible young adults. Rather this video shows that marijuana users can be, and are anyone, including older presumably conservative retired ladies. So those who advocate wider societal acceptance of cannabis should take a nod from these YouTube users and show the wide range of casual cannabis consumers.