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Bat guano refers to the bat’s poop that has been accumulated on the bottom of a cave floor. When seeking a superfood for plants, know that it should contain three nutrients, namely, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. And look no further than bat guano, it has all the three nutrients. The nitrogen content helps in promoting vigorous growth, potassium helps in encouraging strong branches and trucks and phosphorous is needed for root growth and healthy flowers. These nutrients help in supporting the overall health and development of a marijuana plant.

Here is how to use it…

Consider bat guano as marijuana’s best friend. The organic bat guano is all you need for a great soil amendment. In order to use it, you need to dig it around the plant or add it to your regular watering regime in the form of tea. Know that bat guano doesn’t burn your plants like most nutrients. The flavor of the buds is also enhanced because of the same. Guano can also be used as a protection from certain diseases. It is deemed a staple ingredient to your soil mixture. You can also use bone meat chicken manure and rock dust. Just mix them all to make it a perfect food for your plants.

If you are going with the tea method, then, add one and a half tablespoons to one liter water. Ensure to not kill the microorganisms inside by using hot water. Always keep it on the warmer side. Then, stir it and leave the tea in order to brew overnight. The tea is now ready to be fed to the plants. Maybe, you also need to correct the soil that you have obtained. For the very same, bat guano always comes in handy as you will dig directly into the soils and water it with a good dose.

Benefits of bat guano

  1. Guano has the power to flush out the toxins present in the soil and protect the root from any damage. This can be done by feeding guano to the plant.
  2. Always use it as a dilute spray, this can be helpful in eliminating the fungus and protecting the plant from the same.
  3. It is also deal to improve the texture of the soil. It helps in binding if the soil is too loose, and it will loosen the soil, if the texture is too dense. It also helps in water penetration efficiently.