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There are many seed banks that tout the high levels of THC in their strains. Once a strain gets above 20%, it is hard to get much more out of the plant. After all, measurements of THC are by weight, meaning that plant material counts in the measurements, as do all other Cannabinoids and terpenes in the resin glands on the flowers and leaves. Most seed banks cannot live up to the numbers, and just copy the results that other seed banks post, meaning you should only trust repute seed producers.

Hawaiian Snow is one of the most potent strains on the market. It regularly yields 23% THC, which can either decrease or increase depending on how well the plant is taken care of. takes perfect care of the plants, and if you follow their growing guides, you can expect to grow plants with similar results. Part of the reason why their seeds are so potent is because they take such good care of the plants that the seeds are taken from.

Great Highs Better Times

Although Hawaiian Snow is among many other strains that provides which can peak 20% THC, it is the most potent. The high is strong, builds slowly, but lasts for a long time. It is often uplifting and very social, but can also be used as an effective means of curing pain. This makes it a very popular strain, and is probably why it won so many awards at various Cannabis Cups and grower competitions.

The aroma is strong like most sativas and the smoke is sweet, almost like caramelized onions. With an 11 week flowering time, this plant can produce 700 grams per meter indoors and 1200 grams per plant outdoors. These plants produce massive buds that often need support when they become large, in order to avoid damage to the plant. As a cross breed of Hawaiian Sativa and the Laos land race, this plant greatly prefers warm, equatorial climates.

Strains like this can only come out of due diligence and proper research. works tirelessly to create the best strains in the world, and Hawaiian Snow shows that their work is paying off. With more than half a century of combined experience, Arjan and Franco continually provide award winning strains that make strong medicines and great times. Visit their website to view all of their amazing products.