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Here is a fun fact for you, marijuana plants can grow up to be male, female or hermaphrodite. In other words, they are dioecious. It means that in the flowering phase, males will produce sacks filled with pollen and females cultivate bullet shaped calyxes and pistils and hermaphrodites produce both of these features.

Why is gender important?

Getting acquainted with the marijuana gender is essential for the cultivators as male and hermies do not produce consumable buds. It gets worse when the flowering phase shows up and the pollen sacks form underneath the foliage, and it bursts which pollinates the surrounding female flowers. From that very moment, the female marijuana is rendered useless for any kind of consumption and its quality is also damaged for any recreational or medicinal purposes. The biggest nightmare for any marijuana cultivator is getting the seeds instead of smokable buds. Hence, you need to look after your plants and check if there are males in your garden to save you from all the chaos and money.

Features of Female Marijuana Plants

  1. The earliest signs of a female cannabis plant are the pistils. They resemble wispy hair like protrusions that are available where the buds are, means between the branch and the main stem. It may take a while to show the earliest signs after transformed to flowering stage, but develops reproductive parts in the late vegetative period.
  2. Particularly in the earliest stages of flowering, you can easily get confused between a female pre-flower with a male counterpart. If that is the case, then look at its shape. Females have elongated and pear like shape. If still uncertain, look out for the pistils.

Features of male marijuana plants

  1. This one is easy. All you have to look out is for the grape like ballsacks and zero pistils. These balls will begin shaping shortly after you level up to flowering. It is essential to pick them out immediately so as to avoid them to burst open all over your female marijuana plants. Albeit, male marijuana plants are not meant for smoking, but there are many uses of the same.

Features of hermaphrodite plants

  1. After the removal of all the male plants from your marijuana garden, it is essential to keep an eye out for the hermaphrodite marijuana plants, you can also call them hermies. They can easily pollinate themselves and if you don’t look out for them, they can capture your entire garden. It is still not confirmed what makes the plants hermies, but one certain factor is abnormal temperatures. If you find any hermies in your garden, get rid of them immediately.