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How to germinate Weed seeds? At present, there are several techniques to properly germinate cannabis seeds so that one may get perfectly germinated seeds. As you see, it is very easy to do, and will take just little effort to prepare everything to get all your seeds to germinate into marijuana seedlings.

Sprouting seeds is really easy. There are two main techniques explained below in steps so that anyone interested can do so without any complexity. Here are few simple methods to achieve good results.

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Germinate Directly in Pot

This technique is the simplest and best known, although not the most effective. Get a container to grow your plant with good quality soil inside it. Water it so that it is damp, but not soggy. With the help of a stick or pencil, make a small hole in the center, an inch or inch and a half deep. Put the seed in there, and cover with potting soil, which is moistened.

Don’t press the soil, but leave it fluffy and loose. The downside of marijuana is that its root system is very weak and needs a spongy substrate to develop freely. If you press the soil in excess, the plant will not grow normally.

It is important to monitor that the potting soil does not dry out completely since the seeds need moisture to germinate. A trick to know this is to introduce a finger into the soil (being careful not to introduce it where we put the seed), and if your hand is out wet, it means that the ground is still wet, and does not need to be watered. If your finger comes out completely dry, you need to irrigate carefully and slowly without flooding the substrate.

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You should take care not to over-water since the roots of the marijuana seeds need to breathe, and if there’s a flooded substrate, the seeds will drown and die. If you do the process correctly, in five to seven days, you should begin to see how your marijuana plant looks over the substrate. You’ll see how the seed gets up slowly, pushed by the stem or you may directly see the cotyledons, which is the name given to the first small seed leaves.

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Germinate in Paper Napkin

This technique is probably the most effective when germinating marijuana seeds because you will get to know if they have germinated successfully before planting in pots. Place one or two paper towels or pieces of paper towels on a plate or tupperware. Moisten and remove excess water so there are no puddles. The paper should be wet, but not water-logged.

Place marijuana seeds on paper separated from each other so that when the root develops it doesn’t not get tangled and close the tupperware with a lid; if you have used a plate, wrap over with transparent film ( like the one used for sandwiches) covering the plate.

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Ensure that the moisture retained in the dish or tupperware does not evaporate because the seeds need much moisture to germinate. If the towels dry, the seed may not germinate. Place the dish or tupperware in a dark and warm location of the house. Seeds germinate properly at an average temperature of 23 º – 25 º Celsius (centigrade) or 73 º – 77 º. It is important that the surrounding is dark because roots do not like light.

If you perform these steps correctly, you should be able to see the seeds to have grown roots properly in about three to five days. It’s now time to pass them to a pot with soil, being careful not to break the root because it is very sensitive and any sudden movement or pressure may break it.

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Do the same in the other germination technique. You should carefully place some seeds very close to the root surface to the bottom. Cover the seed with an inch of soil, and in about two or three days you can see out of the ground, showing the cotyledons.

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You see how easy it is! These are the best and the most effective techniques. There are many other methods, such as germinating directly in jiffy or rockwool, although with less technical success rate, so it is not recommended for inexperienced users. Seeds germinate faster, safer, and with a large percentage of successful marijuana. That is what is sought with the techniques mentioned. Autoflowering seeds are germinated in the same way as normal seeds.

Remember that you should not make some of the most common faults such as cotton seeds germination or placing the seed plate on top of a router or DVD player since that is very risky, because the router broadcasts or DVDs are too hot and cooked seeds could literally never germinate. Germinating in cotton is strongly discouraged because the roots get entangled with cotton and in turn separate and break.

For cannabis seeds to germinate properly, suitable temperature and humidity are important. By following any of the techniques we have mentioned, you can germinate your cannabis seeds smoothly.

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If you have very old marijuana seeds, they may not germinate. Marijuana seeds should be well preserved and not be old to germinate properly. But still if you have some very old seeds that you would like to try germinating, you can try a little trick- the trick of scarification.

Put your old marijuana seeds in a glass of water, with a few milliliters of hydrogen peroxide (or a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide), and leave it there for 24 hours. Set this water to the right temperature as mentioned in the prior part.

After 24 hours, follow the technique to germinate. Old seeds barely have the strength to part with the seed coat, and cotyledons loom; so help the germinated seed to detach from the shell, and plant it in a pot with soil and water, leaving the portion of cotyledons (leaves) unburied, and burying the root only. With this technique, you can manage to soften the seed to root out correctly.

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 Remember that if you use a substrate of good quality in your pots, it is not necessary to use any fertilizer or root stimulator during the first weeks of life. The roots of the plants are very sensitive, and could damage them. Just a little is enough water to irrigate the land.

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If you have any questions, drop them in the comments and we would be glad to help you solve it.