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If you plan on growing cannabis indoors or outdoors then you might as well follow the procedures that’ll help you grow larger and heavier buds. It is quite disappointing if your buds grow up to be weak and hence certain measures taken during the growth phase can bring out the desired result. Follow the following procedures:

1) Prune it away

It is essential to grow only what’s best. This is where you manage the nodes that are growing in the plant. Nodes are the points at which the buds grow, if the nodes are placed lower on the stem then they won’t receive adequate sunlight and hence you need to nip the buds in such a way that every growing part receives the right amount of sunlight.

2) Train the plants

If the cannabis plants are allowed to grow on their own then they would grow in a single branch and in a canopy way. What you can do is that stress train the plants in HST (high stress training) or LST (low stress training) so that there is equal growth of each and every part. For proper distribution of sunlight and available nutrients, every part should grow in synchronization.

3) Feed it right

One needs to alternate between the nitrogen and phosphorus levels during the growth phase of the plant. While nitrogen is associated with vegetation, there is a phosphorous requirement during the flowering period. Understanding the needs of the plant and thereby feeding it the required nutrients is what will help in the overall growth.

4) The proper lighting

For those who aren’t aware, in order to grow cannabis, one requires artificial lighting. If not done in the right way, it will cause light burns in the plants and the patches will be visible. What one needs to maintain is even lighting of the right amount for the right periods so that there is proper growth. 600 watt light can cover 6 by 6 area, and you will have to select the watts as per the amount of cannabis you plan on growing.

Looks like we have covered everything that you need to know about growing healthy and heavy cannabis. You need to be quite vigilant when growing these plants as negligence can cause damage. Special care has to be taken during the initial growth phase for better results.