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Cannabis is known for its sedative effects that make it effective in relieving body pains. But did you know that these effects also make it a great sleep aid? If you have been recently obtained approval for using medical cannabis as a sleep aid, you want to make sure you use it correctly and safely. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of cannabis as a sleep aid:

Ensure you Use the Right Cannabis Strain

There are many cannabis strains available that have varying effects. With some strains, you can get a boost in your energy level instead of helping you get to sleep. Usually, Sativa strains are known for having uplifting effects, helping people feel more energized. Thus, they are not good sleep aids. The majority of cannabis users prefer Indica strains if they want to get some shut-eye. But, you should also know how to consume the substance properly. Vaporizing helps initiate sleep while cannabis oils or capsules can help maintain sleep.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Your treatment regimen should not only include medical marijuana. It is also important to keep up with good sleep hygiene practices. This includes establishing a bedtime routine, going to sleep around the same time, and minimizing screen time before you go to bed. Your healthcare provider should be able to help you create a good routine.

Avoid Mixing Cannabis with Other Sleep Aids

Not being able to get enough sleep is truly intimidating and you might be tempted to take more than one sleep aid to get maximum effects. If you have been using sleep aids like sleeping pills or opioid medications, you might have to stop using them once you are authorized to use medical cannabis. Make sure to talk to your doctor about this as using medications all at the same time can be dangerous. If you have developed a dependence on sleeping pills or opioids, use medical marijuana to help minimize or eliminate them from your routine.

Store your Medications Properly

Aside from ensuring your medications won’t be accessed by someone else, proper storage of your sleep aids maintains the potency of the substance. Incorrect storage of cannabis can cause it to lose its potency as cannabinoids like THC and CBD break down. As a result, you may have to increase your dosage to get the desired effects or suffer from a lack of sleep again. Talk to your dispensary about how to properly store your cannabis but you may also find this information on the label.