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Best of cannabis experience comes with the best variety. The right budding of flowers and the right strain can provide you with a euphoria which can be both relaxing and enigmatic.
However it is not always possible to lay hands on great quality cannabis. Buying weed comes with its own set of knowledge. And you are required to judge the quality properly to make it worth investing.
While people are always on lookout for the best of quality, be distinct in properties you are looking for to find one for yourself.

The strong smell

Cannabis which has been grown in an organic environment or with great care is bound to emit a sweet pungent smell which is pleasing. The flowers too will emit a strong smell which is fragrant and quality experience. You can find out these smell to be piney or diesel-y but as long as they seem fresh they are great!

The visual hints!

All cannabis will look appealing when you are in love with them. But to find out the best amongst them it is best to look at the flowers and the stream of the leaves covering around it. Some have a bright sunshine flaming orange hairy texture while others come with a purplish hair. It’s good to find green, purple, blue or flaming orange hair on the cannabis but if they are brown – they aren’t really the best!

Texture of the plant

The buds of the cannabis plant are soft and spongy and the stem is relatively easy to break. Note that they shouldn’t be too try or too wet. The plant has a soft velvety finish on the leaves and buds both. The plants stand chance to developing mildew.

The flower of the plant

Dense, rising and fluffy – that is how a cannabis flower should be. If the flowers happen to be tight then they aren’t the ones grown with utmost care. To lay hands on the top quality flowers go for the soft and fluffy ones which have a velvety feel to it.

Trust your taste!

If you have consumed cannabis before you will know the difference between a high quality and low quality one. It is not just the high associated but the flavor that you derive out of it will contribute to your understanding. Therefore you will know the look of the cannabis which is bound to give a high quality experience!

Cannabis comes in a variety of strains and forms. There is also distinction in the way they are grown. Choose the ones which emit a good sense of feel, taste and flavor!