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Hunger Post smoking marijuana: Why do we gobble food?

That moment when you stuff yourself with food to the bitter end of the tongue, your body is glutted your stomach escalating, your receptors crying out “stop for anal sake, there is no room for more” is the moment of satiation. Anything extra thrown inside body will make you throw up ten times that harmless extra.

But what if I smoke some weed now?

So past this moment, if you smoke a blunt or pull some drags of a joint these fickle receptors and stomach will stop sobbing their tummy-full sadness. They will now howl for more food, making you hungrier. Forget about everything you shoved down your mouth because now it will activate an unexpected desire to shove more. You will now lumber all over the place, falling at the tables, running from pillars to post, throwing empty dishes off and scrounging for everything, certainly edible, you can put into your mouth.

What is that super power that actually transforms you to such a lusty hog?

Nothing! It’s nothing out of ordinary. It’s again our astonishing body system and its playful nature when it meddles with its favorite cannabis. The manager brain is very susceptible when it’s hit by this external agent. He reverses the neurological orders passed when the body felt full to the rim making it even reasonable to sarcastically say you have ‘flipped’. You feel hungry instead of sated because the hypothalamus of your brain that tells all glands to secrete the chemical signals to shut down eating now becomes the driver of hunger.

Scientifically, it is found that body contains the POMC neurons which are directly targeted for hunger dealings by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). POMC, believed to be the hunger suppressing neurons, actually have a dual purpose as the genes that control them release two different forms of proteins: appetite stimulating and appetite suppressing. THC doesn’t have any control on the latter but it regulates the former. Even the olfactory glands are equally activated making us speak for every bit we eat “I’m Loving It”.

While putting all these pieces together it could be noted that even if a person is technically full he reaches “my stomach is stuffed but my heart has space” situation after smoking up. Even if he eats above his capacity, the olfactory glands will push him off the limit to glutton. He might witness his belly protruding; still have no will to stop.
Next time, before you roll the joint prepare yourself to do some extra dishes.
Eat till you attain the ultimate peace: The Nirvana.