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There are over 700 known cannabis strains, each one with its own terpene profile and flavors. For someone who is new to cannabis or wants to discover more strains, the choices are way too many. In this post, we are sharing more on the indica cannabis strains you must try in 2021.

Gorilla Glue

This is an indica-dominant strain, with THC content of around 28-30%. The strain is also known as Gorilla Glue #1, and it contains around 60% Indica and 40% sativa. The parent strains include the much popular Sour Diesel and Chocolate Diesel. Expect a real high with this one, making it hard to focus. This could be a great choice for medical cannabis users, especially those dealing with depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

Girl Scout Cookies

Another popular indica dominant hybrid is Girl Scout Cookies. The indica to sativa ratio is 60:40, which makes it a great strain for anxiety, depression and stress. Expect to feel that awesome high right after taking a couple of puffs. In terms of side effects, there aren’t many except for dry mouth. You can expect the effects for last for many hours, often stretching beyond expectations. Note that this isn’t one of the easy strains to grow. The THC content is around 28%, which is insanely high.

OG Kush

Many people have OG Kush on the list of their favorites and for the right reason. This is a 75%-indica strain that is considered to be a classic in this category. The THC concentration of this strain is around 20%, but depending on the grower and season, this can go up to 24%. The strain is often considered to be a boon for those with Alzheimer’s disease. The ancestry of this strain includes Hindu Kush plant besides Chemdawg. In terms of side effects, some people do experience dry mouth and eyes with this one.

Northern Lights

The last one on this list is Northern Lights. Counted among the best indica strains of all times, this one has a THC content if around 20%, with minimal CBD content. This is a descendant or Afghani landrace strains and is often suggested for patients who are dealing with appetite loss, anxiety, pain and depression. You can expect to find this strain almost in any dispensary, and the effects are very relaxing and calming.

What are some of your preferred Indica cannabis strains? Check online and find a pick now!