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Cannabis, also known as weed, expands quickly. Once germinated, it grows taller day by day and the roots start expanding because the plant requires a lot of nutrients to grow perfectly. If you overcrowd the field, especially during indoor cannabis cultivation, none of the plants will be able to grow to their maximum potential. As a result, the yield will be significantly low.

If you too have been wondering about the ideal number of cannabis plants recommended for indoor cultivation, then this guide is the answer to all your questions.

That being said, the ideal number of cannabis plants for indoor cultivation depends upon many factors, but the 4 most significant ones include the following.

  1. Type Of Strains – Did you know that Sativa dominant cannabis grows taller and hybrid strains for cookies expand? In other words, bushier cannabis will need more space than Sativa variants.
  2. Size Of The Garden – A garden of the same size will not be ideal for the same number of cannabis plants from different genetics. The ones that tend to grow bushier should be grown in lesser amount so that all the plants get enough nutrition.
  3. Size Of The Bud – Remember, bigger buds are in need of more nutrients to flourish than the smaller ones. Thus, grow a lesser number of plants with bigger buds to maximize the yield in a limited space.
  4. Light Requirements – Not all Cannabis varieties require equal amount and intensity of light. Therefore, pick ones according to the kind of lighting arrangements you have for proper indoor cultivation.

Moving on, there’s also one other factor that makes a difference in the number of cannabis plants you can grow indoors. It is, whether you’re choosing seeds or clones. With seeds, you wouldn’t know how many will be able to germinate and grow to be a healthy plant. Besides, you wouldn’t know if the plant will be a male (has to be removed) or a female. But with clones, you will know the gender and the plants will germinate too.

Keeping all these factors in mind, the minimum space required for 1 cannabis plant is about 1 Square foot. Any adult plant will require at least this much space to flourish. You should, however, as a precaution, prefer to give a little more space while growing bushy cannabis. So, the number of plants you can grow will depend upon the size of your garden.