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Today, medical cannabis is gaining huge momentum across the world as more people are coming to know about the benefits it offers. Individuals like athletes, physical therapists as well as sports medicine specialists are getting vocal about how marijuana and working out has become a fitness necessity. With enormous surveys taken in to understand how people exactly prefer to work out or to take weed, it has come to a great surprise that 80% of the respondents use cannabis an hour before or after working out. They also revealed that taking cannabis helped them focus more on recovery and almost 70% responded that taking in cannabis helped their exercise become an enjoyable regime.

How to use cannabis with exercise?

Staying high while working out helps the mind to stay in sync with the body. Alertness and awareness increase surprisingly. THC has always been a performance-enhancing drug that largely increases your ability. The individuals also witnessed a reduction in their perceived distraction and anxiety. With most of the individuals feeling a similar sense of relaxation after cannabis intake, the WADA has very much approved using it during or after a workout.

Cannabis intake has always proved beneficial towards anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, stress-reducing, and pain mediating responses. As this is a great recovery aid, more people are getting inclined towards working out with cannabis. It also offers great results for relieving sore muscles and swelling following exercises. If the pain is very direct and targeted towards certain muscles, cannabis tropic gels can be used. Any long-term injury incurred by the athletes is also cured through CBD for pain management.

Using weed before exercise also gives the mind better clarity for setting and achieving physical goals. This helps individuals to stop working out without getting exhausted instead of just wanting that to end and hurting themselves. This has proven great for yoga practices also.

Infused yoga is a new initiative started that indicated that the endocannabinoid system completely regulates the homeostasis in the body. Hence, cannabis becomes a welcome ingredient during a yogic practice. This makes the entire process feel more peaceful and calmer. The body starts flowing effortlessly with having good mental sync.

There is a lot to research and review about cannabis and exercises but the recent studies are in support of the theory. There is now a lesser presence of “lazy stoners” but increased prescribed intakes for various health reasons, helping you achieve what you desire.