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Isn’t It Great That Medical Marijuana Comes To Hawaii In 2016?

After being unjustly discriminated against for decades, marijuana is opening up to patients who need the wonder weed. As far ago as 2000, medical marijuana became legal in the American state of Hawaii through Act 228, signed by the governor. Yet we know how long the logistics takes, with nobody knowing how patients would reach the marijuana. The black market for dope always thrived, anyway.

Abuse of marijuana is rampant everywhere, though not in Colorado that legalized recreational marijuana too in 2014. Why does no such abuse happen in Colorado? The answer is the unregulated consumption. In spite of the legal age of 21 years you must attain, teenagers are known to indulge in massive doses that lead to complications of the gastro-intestinal tract and mental problems.

Now that research confirms that marijuana consumption has no severe side effects, does not incite violence, is not habit forming ad does not lead to hard drugs, the path is open for guilt free indulgence, subject to certain conditions.

Is Hawaii then getting ready to turn into another Colorado in 2016? We hope so for the sake of diverse patients who pine away in their lonely corners, hoping for relief. The list of afflictions is rather long that the Hawaii law hopes to manage through the marijuana magic. Epilepsy and chronic pain are well known ailments but there are many more. Cancer and glaucoma, HIV and nausea, Crohn’s disease and PTSD, with more additions perhaps, are targeted by legal medical marijuana treatment.

What does the HB 321 law say regarding growing, dispensaries and application fees? Eight separate licenses would be granted, and each of them would be conferred the right to two growing facilities, totalling 3000 plants, besides maintaining two dispensaries. The eight licensed locations are three on Oahu, two each on Hawaii Island and Maui, and one in Kauai. Other locations did not get licenses allotted.

The stringent application and license granting process require big bucks. If you seek a license, you first need to deposit $5000 that cannot be refunded. If approved, be prepared to part with $75000. The annual renewal fee is fixed at $50000. Though that appears to be a vast investment, states like Colorado have proved that it is big returns all right when you play the marijuana game.

Money is not all. The law requires 51% of the business to be Hawaii resident owned and the applicant should possess $1.2 million or more in escrow. The applicant should have a clear criminal record with no felony stains. Regarding legal residence in Hawaii and the length of stay, intense scrutiny is included. Good things are coming to Hawaii this year.