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Marijuana Safer Than Tobacco And Alcohol

Researchers have revealed that alcohol is a hundred times more harmful than Marijuana. It is safer than tobacco. There are examples in Louisiana State of a man who had to serve a jail sentence for having eight ounces of Marijuana. In Oregon there is permitted to have Marijuana and in another state, there are examples of prisoners. Because of harsh laws towards Marijuana, Louisiana State is losing its attraction. In the Capitol building, Lansing, there is a reform committee started for legalization of Marijuana. At least 253,000 signatures have to be collected for this legalization drive. This legalization gives some permission for the people.

Rallies Lead For Legalization Of Marijuana

Michigan adults have the permission to grow about 12 Marijuana plants. The Michigan Marijuana act is thus protected. The revenue collected from Marijuana helps in making roads, support schools and give more facilities to local communities. When the rally starts from the Capitol building the petition signature is collected along the path of the demonstration. Many people affected by marijuana and ordinary people are expected to attend the protest. Meanwhile, there are people who have gone behind bars for possessing Marijuana. Though justification cannot be done for them it is good at least the government realized now that what they had done was wrong.

Some People Affected For Possessing Marijuana

A person was fired from his job when he was using Marijuana. Actually, that person used it for his seizures, but the company did not spare him. The law has relaxed and has given permission for possessing 8 ounces of Marijuana but still such incidents are going on. He had used Marijuana when he was not on duty, but still was punished. The medical uses of this plant are highlighted by the attorneys and the protests are going on. Parents are still frightened about the legalization of this plant. Children may misuse this law and may intake a lot leading to many other side effects.

Revenue Improves For State By Legalizing Marijuana

There are many books of ancient times in Marijuana where it is mentioned as the best drug for many diseases. Researches are still going on and nothing is improved with solid proof. There is still confusion about the safe side of Marijuana. The adults are now allowed to grow about 12 Marijuana plants near their house. This permission would raise a lot of revenue to the state. Roads can be fixed and many schools can be supported by this revenue. Not only rally is there in the protest, the people have to sign in the paper so that the government knows more about the support of the public for legalization of Marijuana.