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Marijuana venture: Growing tourism for cities with legal marijuana

The fascinating part about liberation of cannabis in places like Colorado is getting to experience its upshot. It is true that legal weed pulls a lot of tourists from around the world to the centre of attraction which is the legal stoners’ city. Even when the sales are legalized and consumption is decriminalized, smoking weed in public is illegal and there is a dearth of smoke-friendly zones. Many hotels and restaurants persist to have a smoke free outlook. This makes it difficult for the tourists with their itineraries focused on legal marijuana experience to find a suitable place to enjoy it.

Facilities provided

A trite saying “where there is a will there is a way”. Due to a rise in number of travelers coming to the cities for a specific purpose, small businesses have started to grow to support that purpose. Tourism is getting more connected and facilitated with pot friendly lodging, marijuana shopping, visits to growers etc. This is not just limited to straightforward provisions. There are luxurious advancements including spa treatments, cooking classes, pot-smoking airport layovers which have made the whole concept of marijuana tour a glorious one.

A glance at businesses

Many businesses have caught pace on this conveyor belt of marijuana. found an upward shoot in the searches of marijuana friendly lodges. Many of the tour guides have witnessed that half of the guests coming from out of state of Colorado are legal-marijuana fanatics. The tour usually includes visits to marijuana nurseries, cannabis retailers, glass pipe blower and other facilities. As the traditional advertising of marijuana is restricted, these businesses rely on the visitors to create their brand image.

Knowledge gain

This venture can also turn out to be a knowledge booster. People who have just seen cannabis as a mere plant in one or two different forms get to see hundreds of strains at the growers and differentiate them. These nurseries also educate people on growing and consuming marijuana. For instant, it involves bringing the small tourist groups to a marijuana growing operation called Sky High Gardens. People can vividly understand the differences between various marijuana consumption techniques, its derivatives and strains.

Motivation to entrepreneurs

These customers may be the entrepreneurs preparing to undertake some real-time business endeavors in other states like Oregon which have recently seen the decriminalization practice. The entrepreneurs are connecting themselves to large hotels and are creating better opportunities on weed basis like transportation to and from the airports, suitable lodging for cannabis consumption, and a pleasant ambience for smokers. Also, there has been a development of customized private tours facilities in the form of bachelorette trips and vacation packages comprising learning about the marijuana industry. With growing market these entrepreneurs are experimenting with new offerings.