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Marijuana Was Known For Its Medicinal Properties

There is a demand from the public to the government to research the medicinal values of Marijuana. There are many ancient books saying that there are many medical uses of this weed. Some claim that it stimulates appetite, gives pain relief and reduces seizures. But many states are still in the middle state to legalize the plant or not. There are many states which have legalized the plant and given a certain limitations for possession of the plant. As there are limitations in growing Marijuana the research is delayed. There has to be more land for growing the weed and thus there will be more plants to continue the research.

More Force From Public For Legalizing Marijuana

There are many varieties in Marijuana which are used for research. The growing amount has to be increased to know more about the medical values of each plant. There are many people also support to the medicinal values of the plant. They are forcing the government by rallies. They want the weed to be legalized. The weed is having a high rate and the people who were doing the illegal business were earning more. Due to legalization the rate of the weed will surely reduce. Bothe the genders and all age groups were using the weed for illegal purposes.

Stages OF Marijuana In The World

This weed was introduced to the world in the form of drugs and many people have been convicted for the same. The shadow of fright has not gone from the minds of the people about the weed. There were reports of the people using the drugs in the year of 2013 and 2014. This year there is a force for legalization which has to be watched and seen for the results. There is more news about Marijuana that it is a medicine and not to be abused as drugs. Each weed of Marijuana has different THC levels which is the chemical making the variety active.

Improvement In THC levels

Many methods were followed for increasing the THC levels. From 3.4 to 8.8 the THC level was raised through different types of researches and hybridization. Marijuana was not used as a plant but used as drugs and abused by all age groups. People are still frightened to get into Marijuana business as the plant is not traded publicly. There are chances of the people who are involved with this plant to be punished for organized crime. There is still confusion everywhere to get into this business. It is always better to look into the law of the state where we stay to be on the safer side.