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Marijuana always had a stigma associated with it that it’s a gateway drug that causes many health problems. However, it’s time and again proven that none of these stigmas are true. Cannabis isn’t a drug. It’s a herbal product that isn’t addictive. In fact, more and more celebrities are admitting to the fact that they have been weed enthusiasts for a long time and that it has only helped them achieve what they have achieved in life. If you’re wondering who are those famous people who advocate for cannabis, then this is the right guide for you to explore.

Have a look!

1. Snoop Dogg

He’s one of the most famous and epic rappers the world has even seen. Some of his most quirky weed confessions that’ll leave you in splits are as follows.

  • He enjoyed the thrill of smoking a joint in the bathroom at White House, leaving the security guards confused.

  • He turned his own mansion into a weed farmyard to produce his own strains.

2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates never confessed to taking marijuana directly. But, he never denied the claim.

Which is why the confession in his biography that he consumes weed came as a shocker to many. After all, how many of us expect a stoned person to be a billionaire and a visionary? However, the fact that Bill Gates has actually made his way up top already proves that everyone who considers consuming weed as a bad habit is wrong.

In fact, one of the weed confessions from his autobiography that might surprise you is that he had actually voted in favor of legalizing Marijuana in 2012.

Nonetheless, if helps at all, Steve Jobs is another successful businessman and visionary who has admitted to have consumed marijuana.

3. Bob Marley

He’s one of the most vocal celebs when it comes to vouching for the benefits of marijuana consumption and how he supports it.

In fact, in his words, he said and we quote:

“Herb is a Plant. Herb is good for everything.”

And if these famous icons still aren’t enough, then the 7 other celebs who are highly supportive of marijuana legalization bill and have, at one point or the other, accepted that they smoke marijuana include the following.

  1. Woody Harrelson

  2. Brad Pitt

  3. Willie Nelson

  4. Kevin Smith

  5. Bob Dylan

  6. Rihanna

  7. David Cross

So, the next time someone ignorant to the benefits of weed tells you how it’ll mess up your brain, show them this guide and tell them how wrong they are.