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For years people have been degrading people who consume marijuana, categorizing it as a drug, since the use or consumption of the plant has been illegal for many years. Even though ancient history and mythology openly features consumption of cannabis, people started to debate over the plant and hence misconceptions were formed without any proven facts. Since many countries and states have now legalized weed, more people are realizing the benefits of the plant and its overall positive impact.

However, marijuana is still illegal in many countries and people believe myths about how and why the consumption of weed is wrong.

So here are some of the myths about cannabis you should definitely stop believing:

  • Weed is a gateway to the drugs world– No! First of all, marijuana itself is not a drug, and second, not all marijuana users do any drugs. It is true that people who consume weed may also be doing drugs, but it is never said that weed leads them to drugs. In fact, studies and surveys show that people who used to do hard drugs use cannabis as a substitute to quit drugs. Hence, weed is clearly not a gateway to drugs.

  • Cannabis causes cancer- Smoking marijuana does not lead to cancer since marijuana smoke does not contain any carcinogens. Unlike cigarette smokers, people who smoke blunt weed consume fewer blunts which are not even enough to cause cancer. A study also shows that even people who consume weed on a daily basis or do heavy dosage are not led to lung cancer. Also, smoking is not the only option to consume weed, there are alternatives like edibles or weed-infused products available.

  • Consuming marijuana will turn you into criminals- We get it that there are many countries where consuming cannabis is illegal and if caught you might end up in jail. But that does not mean smoking pot is going to turn you into a criminal. We agree criminals might be consuming weed too, but they might also be consuming alcohol or other drugs. Therefore, the belief that marijuana turns you into a criminal is clearly a myth.

  • Weed damages your brain and affects your mental health- Even studies prove that weed cannot damage your brain just like it does not cause cancer. Yes, sometimes cannabis consumption can cause temporary anxiety or paranoia in a few people or beginners, but it causes no harm to your mental health.


Hope, this blog clears all your misconceptions about marijuana and you start looking at its good side.