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NFL player sliced off for reasoning with medical marijuana

The tackler of Baltimore Ravens Eugene Monroe has been released recently by the team. The fact is that the player had donated a sum of $80,000 to finance cannabis explorations. The researches that involved football players who were from the auspicious the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania are included in the donation sum. That means the donation aimed at the increment of the footballers who are induced to the research of marijuana at the above mentioned centers.

The recent report from the NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, it is clear that the Baltimore ravens has just sliced off the player for the reason that he is beside the propagation and the research of the cannabis. This news has stirred the country and many are in protest to the same.

There were many reports which are clearly indicating that the intonation of the ravens was to desistance themselves from this veteran player who has been associated with the term of 8 years. The team kept Monroe off the practice sessions this season which is a clear indication that he is no more a wanted fellow in the team. The prohibition and opposition to the research and propagation of medical marijuana has been from many fields, but such an act of atrocity and disgust has never been found earlier when a veteran and in form player is slashed off the team just for the reason that he is beside the legalization and the cultivation of pot marijuana.

The team is not reportedly revealing that he has been eradicated from the team list due to his affliction for the legalization of marijuana. The coach said that his recent form has induced many people who were asking about him and making inquiries, the team feeling this obnoxious and uncanny had asked him to deter from the practice sessions because they did not want to reveal the weak sides of this great player.
Yet the other sources say that after this player had openly advocated for marijuana in the March of this year, the team started to distance themselves. The player was in support to the medical cannabis. Some of the senior board members of the team are not in support of the same and thus this eradication occurred as reported by the veterans this week. The player could not be contacted yet there are many more teams trying to make new and fresh contracts with him.