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People Aware About Marijuana Through Ancient Books

Marijuana has shaken many people’s lives in the past. Possessing the plant or any relationship with it has landed many people in prison. There was a fright in the mind of the people about the plant. Many people did the pot business secretly. They sold and used the plant secretly. But the world has become more aware about the plant. They have gone through the books of ancient times which tell more about the medicinal properties of the plant. The ancient medical practitioners used this plant as pain relievers. They also claimed that it increases appetite and stress problems are cured magically with this herb.

The World Had Banned Marijuana

There are people who are cured from seizures by using this plant. The plant was treated as a drug and there were many people abusing this weed for illegal purposes. The governments all around the world had banned this plant. Now after many researches there are many people who have found out more uses of this plant. The very presence of the plant gives a lot of relief to the people around. There are many varieties of Marijuana where in the THC levels vary. There are many researches and hybridization going on to get the best THC levels in Marijuana.

Parents Are Surely Frightened

Public do not know much about the [plant but they are very much aware about the punishments that they had to undergo when they had this plant. Police would ill-treat the people who possessed this plant and its products. There are still people in the prison who have spent as much as twenty years. Though people know about he medical properties of the weed there is still hesitation to accept legalization. Parents who have teen aged children are surely frightened about the legalization as they cannot control their children in future.

Marijuana Business Still Dwindling

There are still many people who are involved in the illegal business of Marijuana. People who are abusing this plant are giving more money to get the plant and it’s by products. The people who were involved in the arrests of the people before have come out with apology that they had committed a crime by putting innocent people into jail. Legalization is coming as a soothing factor, but many people whose family was completely devastated cannot come back to the same level like before.

There are many governments still thinking about the legalization. They are waiting for some strong reason for getting the plant legalized.