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Pot Infused Beverages

Ever since humans discovered marijuana, they have been cooking and making teas out of the plant. Legalization over the last century has led to many new forms of edibles and beverages. From brownies to Baklava just about every desert and meal has been infused with some form of marijuana.

Some costumers are more willing to approach marijuana in the form of a beverage rather than smoking the plant. This gives edibles and beverages their own unique space in the market. A company in Oregon hopes to capitalize on both a THC infused soda drink, as well as a coffee drink.

Their intention is to make both beverages contain about 20 milligrams of THC, which is a fairly large dose. On the labeling it includes instructions to be ready to have a seat and have a relaxing time. This is about an expected dose for a single serving in a marijuana beverage, as cookies contain from 15-17 mg of THC.

Dosage is Key

As with alcohol, the dosage a person can handle varies by personal weight, so the drinks will affect everyone different. Both drinks mean a person cannot drive in areas where it is prohibited to drive under the influence of THC. Drinking and driving meets the marijuana industry. Hopefully we will not see an influx of DUI cases in Washington.

The coffee drink will be amazing Saturday morning when you want to wake up and be creative and have energy. It’s definitely nothing to drink before going to work, but would be a hell of a time after work with some friends. High school parties will probably look a lot different with kids drinking marijuana drink and finding a seat for hours, safer even.

Seeing these in bars in the area would be great. As long as a designated driver is involved, people should be allowed to consume THC infused beverages the same way they can consume liquor. It is very much the exact same act, but with different intoxicant. In a home remains the safest place to consume THC or Alcohol.

Healthier Ways of Consuming Cannabinoids

This is a part of a greater trend of products being infused with THC, as opposed to smoking flowers. More and more people are vaping the concentrates they make from the Green House Seed Co. strains that are coated in crystals.

The pot world always knows which way the wind is blowing because their puffs of smoke blow in the breeze. Lately sales have been catching onto the health and wellness aspects of the plants cannabinoids, as further research is being done.