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Cannabis is harmful to health – says who? This myth was busted long ago. Only people need awareness about Cannabis and its benefits for body and mind healing. To begin with, the negativity about Cannabis revolves around the fact that people think it’s a lethal addictive drug. However, in all reality, both the notions are baseless and wrong. Neither is Cannabis a lethal drug nor does it lead to easy addiction.

It might surprise you that Cannabis, also known as weed and Marijuana is legally sold in many countries including Canada. Thus, the only way that youngsters can develop rare addiction to weed is when they start binge smoking. And it is due to this danger that many Middle-class parents are smoking cannabis with their children. It’s indeed a very good habit. When you’re giving your children the first introduction to weed rather than letting the child get an outside exposure, you’re protecting them from a lot of negativity. How? Well, for one, your child gets a correct about the right dose that’s sufficient. Other benefits of doing so are listed below.

  • Your child can do all the experimentation at home under your guidance. It nullifies the chances of drug abuse of all kinds.
  • It gives children confidence that you’re a friend. As a result, they come to you with their queues rather than walking up to a random stranger.
  • You can educate them about the importance of smoking high-quality weed only. When the quality is high, it takes little time to feel Euphoric. As a result, children don’t end up binge-smoking naturally.

Precisely, when you’ll be able to keep a tab on the Cannabis smoking habits of your children, you’ll be able to mentor and guide them. And as stats reveal, it is youngsters who have addictive traits than anyone else. And though very rare, Cannabis addiction does exist. So, if you can monitor your children, you can protect them better.

Some parents do find this kind of parenting unworthy, but it isn’t. Instead of worrying about your child, you’re able to ensure he/she doesn’t fall in the trap of drugs. And honestly, weed is far safer than alcohol is. The bottom line, this new parenting trick is serving its purpose well. Parents who host parties for their children rather than letting them attend the parties outside have to suffer from less anxiety that the child might overdose on Cannabis.